It was 1940, a time when India was heroically fighting to emerge as an independent dominion, when Shri L.N. Birla, a devoted Gandhian, set up the Hindi High School in Calcutta. From a humble beginning on 1st January 1941, in a family house in Old Ballygunge Circular Road, the school has grown in all respects, and in the present digitised world, after getting rechristened to Birla High School in 1997, the institution is recognised as one of the foremost torchbearers of cognitive leadership across the nation.

In 1994, Shri S K Birla took over as the Chairman of the Managing Committee to carry forward the inspiration of our founder of creating a pluralistic society celebrating harmony, coexistence, and empathy. In the present day, under the aegis of the Secretary-General, Major General VN Chaturvedi, Director Ms. Mukta Nain, Principal Ms. Loveleen Saigal and Headmistress Ms. Farida Singh, Birla High School has been reputed as one of the most promising institutions to impart education to its students adhering to the latest trends of technology and digital evolution.

Over the past few years, Birla High School has migrated from traditional techniques of teaching to modern and need-of-the-hour methods of learning. With the advent of technology, the school is now a hub for e-learning where smartboards, cybernetics, and online field trips have made their way into the regular teaching-learning process. The formation of the e- library has centralised the resource of information and knowledge. Students can get access to information with just a click.

The institution has laid special importance on Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and Coding. Students from the junior section are being introduced to the basic elements of Artificial Intelligence and coding so that they can develop a digitally progressive mind from a very early stage. In the middle and senior sections, it is mandatory to cover 20% of the entire syllabus through Artificial Intelligence. Teachers are also being trained regularly on these lines to meet the technological requirements of the times.

Besides the digital revolution, the school also lays huge emphasis on performance art and co- scholastic arenas to ensure the holistic development of students. Students are given an opportunity to hone and display their acting skills on each Annual Day where they get to perform a drama on the stage. At times, it is even administered by renowned dramatists of the city. The coveted national-level debate competition, The L.N. Birla Memorial Debate is also helmed by the school which is chaired by the famous cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Kunal Sarkar.

One of the oldest fests of the city, Odyssey, is held every alternate year in both outdoor and on-stage events. The students across the city come for the occasion to celebrate healthy rivalry and camaraderie.

The psychomotor skills of students are also recognised and developed in the school. The annual sports meet serves as the perfect platform for students to display their strength, stamina, motor skills, and sportsmanship.

Besides excellence, Birla High School also strives to serve the community through ‘Daan Utsav’ and by adopting various social measures. With the world moving towards a digital era, the institution has set the tone for its students to march ahead into a better tomorrow, ‘Freeing the Mind through value-based education that helps create independent, free- thinking individuals who will combine service with excellence.’