Educational institution is not private property; access to education should not be a privilege for a few.
Famous American writer Mark Twain said, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” Accordingly, Sri Sharada public school is on the path to realize the version of founder Ramanathan. The school is the cradle for shaping a dazzling future for students from all walks of life.
I firmly believe, an educational institution is not private property. It is shared and shaped by the community as it continues to evolve. In the world of commercialization of education, and branding of institutions, our school stands apart in the hearts and minds of the people. Thanks to the founder’s vision. Sri Sharada Public School proved that with minimum fees, children could get quality education on par with urban schools. We at the school are single-mindedly committed to building a model institution. We are focused on making great strides in the education sector rather than expansion with the motive of profit-making. I believe in the vision. Financial Constraints are secondary.
 In our shared vision for the school, the parents and community equally and voluntarily extend a helping hand. I thank them wholeheartedly. And needless to say, students are our invaluable asset.Fortunately, the commitment to educational service runs deep in my veins. This is the legacy of my father, the founder chairman of the school, the late Sri. S. Ramanathan. I am a proud son committed to continuing his vision.

In the competitive world, education is a medium to bridge the gap between sections of society; it should not further widen the difference. Sri Sharada Public School, named after my grandmother Smt.  Sharadamma, believes in equal, quality, and affordable education for all. We are fully aware of the challenges in the ever-changing world, as well as the need to shape the personality of children to be successful and responsible citizens in the future.
When I look back at the reminiscence of my life, I feel proud to state that my father who was the founder chairman of Sri Sharada Public School- Mysore Late S.  Ramanathan was my mentor to get into the field of education and to further inspired me to become an educator. My father’s service in the field of education for more than 3 decades encouraged me to become an educator. Secondly, I hail from a family of teachers, which is what inspired me to embark on my journey as an educator.
I hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the United Kingdom. I took over the reins of the school in 2014 and have always strived to do my best to develop the school into a modern one. Throughout my journey as an educator, there are various measures that I have taken toward the improvement of the education sector. Being an educator, I would be truthful to my aims and objectives. The decision to provide affordable modern education to the children of the deprived class in the vicinity has been taken under me. I have also decided to cater to middle-class families to educate their children with affordable fees. We constantly emphasize on the importance of maintaining the Indian system of education.

Constant efforts are made by us to promote moral and ethnic values amongst the student community. We always strive to help the students to shape their future life, through various career guidance programmes that we implement.

Educational Trust and my mentor, I took a strong decision of becoming a true educator. It was also my family background that inspired me at that point. Talking about my school’s role in community service, Sri Sharada Public School is situated in such an environment where all levels of people live, i.e., from the upper-class level to the middle class. The school is catering to all levels of students with almost all modern educational facilities along with an affordable fee structure. The school also provides financial help to needy students. This has largely helped us to reach and connect all levels of students, to impart affordable and good quality education in the school. The Management only recruits well-qualified teachers and takes care to protect the interest of the teachers and ensure their well-being.
I strongly believe in the open-door policy being accessible to every person in the school. I welcome the participation of my team in helping the organization achieve its vision and goals. I also encourage the ownership of vision and values by every individual in the organization. I am always open to listening to the new ideas and opinions of every individual before taking the final decision to implement what supports the vision and values of the school.
I believe in encouraging the younger generation by providing the opportunity to become a leader at different levels, such as class leader, home leader, club leader, school leader, etc. A true leader sets the tone and culture of the school. The leadership is set at the first level in the school by the principal. The principal directly impacts teaching, learning, and improving the outcome of educating the students through teachers, and in turn, students will help for the best uses of school resources through their commitment or team motivation.