‘A Happy School with A Futuristic Vision’

Today’s AI-driven world is ever-evolving and the needs of society are constantly changing. To embrace this change and face unforeseen challenges, the Daffodils Foundation for Learning (DFL) has created a perfect learning ambiance based on a happiness quotient and futuristic vision.

DFL is a CBSE school located in north Bengaluru. It was instituted in the year 2016 and is run by Daffodils English School Association. Though a young school, it has earned name and fame because of its accomplishments and accolades achieved by students and staff with the support and encouragement of school management. The school has bagged the MICROSOFT ICJ Cup, a global competition twice.

DFL strives to strike a perfect balance between academic excellence, co- curricular activities, and sports as well. Through a well-blended curriculum that is inclusive of self-designed life skills and customised value education modules, students are guided on a progressive path. The CCA and sports activity clubs chosen by students as per their interests and passion, provide them a platform to hone their skills.

The three school mantras, which is a unique aspect of DFL, reflect the ethos of the school, and ‘We Are a Happy School’ is the first mantra. The school anthem exudes a spirit of happiness and every ‘daffodillian’ sings the school anthem with great pride. The creative classrooms here are happy spaces with happy faces. The teachers employ a plethora of innovative pedagogies based on experiential learning to make classroom transactions a joyful experience. We heavily emphasise on the mental health and emotional well-being of our students. The mentoring system and school counselling facility available at school encourage students to share their concerns and unburden their mental pressure, creating a home away from home.

We have initiated multiple unique programmes to achieve our futuristic vision. We are one of the pioneer schools to introduce the School Health  Wellness Awareness Programme for students. A well-structured plan is in place to teach students different modules of the SHWP Manual developed by NCERT, under the aegis of the School Health Programme of Ayushman Bharat. Circle Time sessions are held for students periodically which works like a wonder wand to enhance their social skills and confidence level.

As an endeavour to make our students socially responsible and inculcate the noble idea of ‘giving back to society’, DFL organises ‘JOY of Sharing’, a charity-based event annually. The entire event is planned and executed by students with the support and guidance of teachers which assists them to imbibe 21st century skills, develop leadership qualities and organizational skills effortlessly.

The management, staff, and students are persistently motivated by the school motto, ‘Do Well All You Do’.