Vijaya, a leading educational institution has grown tremendously since 2015. Initiated with five little munchkins, it has reached around 1500 students in 5 years. It runs under the Late P.K. Deshmukh Multipurpose Society. Leading with great success the director Digvijay Deshmukh and principal Padmashree Deshmukh have been on a high wonder.

Vijaya believes that a child is overall developed when it possesses all the qualities of academics, skills, social awareness, and spiritual understanding. Vijaya as an institution believes in and promotes sustainable living while motivating students towards the direction to take steps in accordance to save the environment. For the overall development of the students, we have initiated a Skilled-based Education Programme before the integration of NEP. We have introduced 18 skills for students to choose from based on their interests for the whole year and they get to practice the chosen skill for two hours per day. For their spiritual development, we make students chant the Patanjali sutras and do meditation/yoga on a daily basis. We provide various workshops for parents to develop skills in home parenting. A different curriculum is designed for students who are slow learners to give them effective education according to their learning capabilities. We provide students with a qualified counsellor who listens to the students’ issues and guides them according to their understanding capabilities.

To nurture socially aware citizens of tomorrow, we along with our students conduct various drives like a plastic-free environment in which students do not carry plastic – bottles, tiffin, or compass boxes, inside the school campus. No food with plastic packaging is allowed. Students do not distribute chocolates on their birthdays instead they give plants and spread a message of a green environment. We promote cycles at work and compulsory helmets for teachers and students who drive two-wheelers. Our students/teachers have adopted a poor child and educate them by whatever means possible. 

Vijaya is successfully running all its initiatives and has been recognised with various awards at the National and Global level for its infrastructure, leadership, skill programmes, and unique concepts for the betterment of a child's growth.