The happiness quotient in terms of students and teachers is the essence of an educational institute. Several factors including providing a conducive environment, and encouraging students in all spheres aid in this success. Creating a school with a high happiness quotient index is an ongoing effort that involves the collaboration of educators, students, parents, and the community.

Shardayatan School is run by Lions Umra Piplod Education Trust. The idea of starting Shardayatan School was conceived by the residents of Piplod Village in collaboration with the Lions Club in 1987 to establish a school near the village and provide quality education to local children. Completing 36 years of excellence, it is soaring to new heights. The following points will elaborate on the efforts put in by the school fraternity.

 1. N.C.C. programme for girls since 2015 signifying focus on women empowerment.

2. The school is a  Pioneer to launch Covid-19 vaccination to students and teachers. 

3.Every Year regular health checkups are conducted by the corporation health center conducts regular health check-ups every year.

4. Apart from the above, several programmes involving the students health, career, and overall holistic improvement are held by the school.

5. Enhancement integrating technology to blend offline and online learning experience is prioritised to meet the changing pace of today. Advanced amenities and infrastructure for academic and co-curricular activities are provided without charging an extra penny! The overall fees of the school are very nominal though it is a self-financed school. Enhanced experiential learning approaches are followed over rote memorisation to enhance students’ love for learning.


Every year the school stands out with excellent results with A1 and A2 rank students in the State Board Examination. Even in the General stream and S.S.C. we get more than 98% results. More than 60% of the teachers have an experience of a minimum of 15 years.


We conducted a survey on the subject – “What makes Shardayatan School stand- out than the other schools”. All students from grades 9 to 12 gave their reviews and here are some of their words of appreciation – Teachers are Very Supportive, Well Educated, Congenial, Friendly, Well-experienced, Very Understanding, Helpful, Cooperative, Hard-working, and Caring. This shows their gratitude to their teachers as school is their school family now! We also celebrate all festivals with great splendour.

Their words of appreciation act as our motivation, encouraging us to work with enthusiasm as the best prize or reward to receive as an educator is job satisfaction at the end of the day.