1. What inspired you to enter the field of education?

My father is a retired Mathematician. Being raised in a family of educationists inspired me to enter the field, and I have been in it for more than a decade now.

2. What was the idea behind starting Vedaa Public School?

Education is a right. Parents wish to send their kids to CBSE Schools, but the fees for most of them are sky-high. Realising the possibility of providing quality education at a very affordable fee was our inspiration to start this school.

3. How do you ensure the well-being and safety of students in the digital era?

NCRB reported a 400% increase in cybercrime rate against children in 2020 compared to 2019. This falls in line with the COVID period when students were at home due to lockdown. We also noticed them getting addicted to social media apps. This showed signs of behavioural change and attention-span reduction. Understanding the need to act immediately, we brought cybersecurity experts who conducted a few special sessions for students on maintaining safety online and the consequences of sharing personal information on the web.

4. How have you implemented virtual classrooms in your school to make it student-friendly?

Our entire campus is tech-savvy. All the classrooms are enabled with smart boards. To help in better concept clarity for the students, animated videos of the lessons are played while teaching. This helps in grasping the concepts effectively while developing a photographic memory of the lessons. Aiding in experiential learning, we have a robotic lab and top-notch Computer and Science labs. In the future, we are also planning to implement AI labs as well.

5. How do you encourage inclusivity amongst students and teachers in Vedaa?

Students are continuously encouraged to participate in events, competitions, and other activities. To help students overcome stage fear, each student is given a chance to present in the daily school assembly. This helps them to get accustomed to a huge audience while raising their self-confidence and public speaking skills.

Similarly, teachers are also oriented before they get on board. They are trained on the presentation in class, and develop interaction with students thus ensuring our high standards and inclusivity.

6. What is your secret mantra for overcoming obstacles while managing an institution?

Running a management is not as easy as it may sound. We are faced with challenges every day. Maintaining patience in all situations helps one think through the challenge. Hence patience is my secret mantra to overcoming obstacles.

7. What are the awards and accolades your school has won over the years?

We have won many awards from EducationToday and our principal, Aarti Patil, has also won the Best Principal award.

8. How important do you think it is for Indian schools to incorporate technology at a faster pace?

We are celebrating our success on reaching the south pole of the Moon. We didn’t reach there out of the blue. It involved continuous updation, efforts and striving to be unique. Similarly, in education, we should update ourselves to the changing technological wave, strive to become better and impart our gained knowledge to students as educationists. That’s how we become unique and hence Indian schools must race against time to become technologically efficient to create the global citizens of tomorrow.