Union education minister DharmendraPradhan announced a modern and technology-based approach to teaching the Hindi language across different parts of the country during a meeting of the governing council of KendriyaHindi Shikshan Mandal in New Delhi today, July 17. During the meeting, Pradhan reviewed the ongoing and proposed work plan of Kendriya Hindi Sansthan for the current year. The minister emphasized that the promotion of all Indian languages is among the topmost priorities of the government, in line with the recommendations of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Pradhan said: “The need to consolidate and synergize the work of all Central educational institutions and other organizations involved in various aspects of teaching Hindi language to people in the country and abroad. Knowledge of Hindi is an important binding factor for people with different mother tongues.” The education minister has requested the Kendriya Hindi Sansthan to expand its online courses for training Hindi teachers, particularly in non-Hindi speaking states. By utilizing online platforms, the reach of these courses can be increased, which will allow more individuals to learn Hindi.