Droupadi Murmu, while inaugurating an Eklavya Model Residential School in Mayurbhanj district, Odisha, shared her childhood experiences of lacking nearby schools. As the first tribal person to hold the presidency, she expressed confidence in the increased education opportunities provided by the school in Kuliana. President Murmuemphasized the transformative power of education for individual success and societal progress. She encouraged parents to prioritize education for their children, citing her own journey from a humble background. The Eklavya Model Residential Schools, with over 700 establishments nationwide, aim to offer quality education to tribal children, fostering their contribution to the development of society and the nation. President Murmuencouraged parents to prioritize education, noting the positive impact of over 700 Eklavya Model Residential Schools being established across India for tribal children. These schools aim to provide quality education, enabling tribal students to contribute to societal and national development.

Source- Business Standard