KIIT World School in Gurugram celebrated Guru Purab with great success, creating a sense of community, respect, and cultural appreciation among students and staff. Guru Purab's significance was commemorated through the various activities organized throughout the day, which also contributed to the holistic development of the participants. Kirtan (devotional singing) and Shabadrecitation were both performed by students. Traditional Sikh attire, which includes turbans and Punjabi suits, was worn by students to create a festive atmosphere and foster a sense of unity and cultural pride. Students performed Nagar Kirtan to bring the message of God to the doorstep of the community. The Panj Piare (five beloved ones of the Guru) led the procession of the Nagar Kirtan. At the end, kada prasad was served to everyone in school. The event served as a reminder of the importance of religious and cultural diversity within the school community.

Source -Press release