Greenwood High Bannerghatta


The key to a better society is the valuable contributions of the educated citizens of the country. It is indeed a privilege and a big responsibility to guide  young learners and set them on the right path to take up the challenges of the future.
Greenwood High Preschool and Activity Center located at Gottigere on Bannerghatta Road, has always believed, and maintained a very futuristic approach   in terms of delivering Preschool education.  We are aware of the fact that education is not just limited to academic excellence, but it also involves giving life experiences to the young learners, so that the knowledge gained will be channelized to make a difference to the society. 
To attain our goal, our curriculum has been curated after a lot of research, drawing inspiration from the best curricula across the globe. We try to empower students in various disciplines like language, STEM, and humanities with basic life skills. Focus on inclusiveness, team spirit, values and emotional development is achieved through all the co-curricular activities that children are offered as part of their daily routine.  Our classrooms flourish as small discovery rooms for children where we emphasize sensorial learning to create a very engaging environment.
This wouldn’t have been possible but for the team of seasoned facilitators who are well qualified and carry years of experience up their sleeve.  The young learners are observed, and their learning journey is well documented. This not only helps teachers but also Parents as it creates memories for them.
The various accolades picked up by our students in the multiple Inter-School competitions and the awards received from various prestigious organizations like Earth Research, Education world and Education Today are a testimony to the level of preparedness of our students and our Preschool as well.
To put it in a nutshell well-equipped classroom with high safety standards, digital teaching aids, art and cultural spaces, library, outdoor play areas, well researched curriculum with co-curricular activities and experienced Teachers has helped us to make a name for ourselves.

The right preparation in the early years and a smooth transition to the main stream school for their little ones, has made Greenwood High Preschool Gottigere the best choice for Parents.

Greenwood High Sarjapura

Happiness is seeing a smile on your child's face as they learn.

We at Greenwood High, Preschool Sarjapura aim at maintaining your happiness and the smile on your child's face throughout their learning process. We offer a intricately and carefully designed integrated curriculum that finely balances various teaching approaches like kindergarten, Montessori, fun based experiential learning methods, multiple learning theories and value based holistic learning.
Our passionate team of educators at GREENWOOD HIGH SARJAPURA leave no stone unturned to identify the needs of each child to spark their natural curiosity, instil confidence and develop a positive attitude towards life. We aim at providing joyful experience through playful and hands on activities that enhance their creative and critical thinking skills. We create a safe, comfortable, healthy and child friendly environment for our young learners to nurture and grow. Our team of dedicated teachers empathize with and understand the need for personal space and safety of each child.
We undertake various activities to infuse values and ethics. One such program is the Circle Time where our little ones learn about respecting and appreciating each other’s similarities and differences. It also helps them to understand their emotions and how to handle them.
Social and Emotional skills are enhanced through purposeful play-based activities that help our tiny tots develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. It helps building and maintaining good social relationships.Each child is gifted and as educators, we encourage our young minds to unwrap those gifts by encouraging them to shed their inhibitions and bring out the best in them. Dance, Art, PE, Yoga Music and Chess classes are an integral part of our teaching and learning process which makes it more fruitful by stimulating the creative endeavours of new age learners. These classes also help calm the mind and lead to mindful learning. Art keeps the creative juices flowing while Dance, PE, Yoga and Music help develop the sense of rhythm and posture. Chess invigorates cognitive development.
Each child is gifted and as educators, we encourage our young minds to unwrap those gifts by encouraging them to shed their inhibitions and bring out the best in them. Dance, Art, PE, Yoga Music and Chess classes are an integral part of our teaching and learning process which makes it more fruitful by stimulating the creative endeavours of new age learners. These classes also help calm the mind and lead to mindful learning. Art keeps the creative juices flowing while Dance, PE, Yoga and Music help develop the sense of rhythm and posture. Chess invigorates cognitive development.
We cater to individual needs by giving special attention to each child and give them space and opportunities to showcase their talents. Communication skills are enhanced through new vocabulary and Oratory skills are brought to the forefront through various Show and Tell classes and Rhyme and Rhythm and Presentation events that not only unveil the children’s talents but also demonstrates discipline and coordination. Reading classes nurture reading as an essential habit for lifelong learning.
Our STEM ACTIVITIES not only teach Science and Mathematical concepts but also help in developing skill sets like curiosity, creative and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Post pandemic, there is a glaring necessity to equip our young learners with practical life skills. From zipping, buttoning, fastening belts, folding towels, napkins, shirts, trousers, braiding and sewing to learning etiquette like table manners. Our enthusiastic learners show independence and self reliance in their daily routines through our Life Skill classes.
We take pride in not only developing a child's cognitive skills, motor competencies, sensory awareness through all the co-curricular activities but also making the child ready for life.
“Learning never exhausts the mind”- Leonardo DaVinci.
We at GWH SJR make sure that the above adage holds true!

Greenwood High Electronic City

What we learn with pleasure we never forget- Alfred Mercier

We at Greenwood high Electronic City believe that education needs to encourage a child’s overall growth in order to help them connect with their higher selves. And that can only be accomplished if a child immerses themselves daily in a world that fosters the development of many intelligences, even if its only a regular class session. 

The children are driven by their interest to understand and know more. Our approach is inspired by the best practices globally and we have an inquiry-based learning pedagogy.

There is strong focus on social collaboration, working in groups, where every individual is an equal participant; having their thoughts and questions valued.

The aim of the school is to educate the Whole Child- “head, heart and hands”.

The curriculum is research based, holistically designed that balances academic with co-curricular activities. 

Our state-of-art campus, sprawling play areas, activity zones such as Yoga centre, Dance and Music Room, Ball-pool, A-V room gives our children to explore and learn without being confined in a classroom set-up.

Our events and celebrations revolve around our learning goals and each child’s learning journey is mapped to give parents a sneak peek into the learning curve.

Cultural events like Annual day, helps bring out the potential of budding stars on stage proudly showcasing skills on drama, dance, and music. 

Show and tell and presentations are another way to foster the children’s creativity at Greenwood High. They give the children an opportunity to display their vivid understanding of the core concepts that are taught in the class.

Sports Day is an action-packed and fun-filled day for all our children. Ranging from novelty races to well synchronised drills and Yoga display, the students can keep their competitive spirit high while also enjoying team spirit!

So, we invite you to be a part of Greenwood High Preschool, E- City so that your child has a wonderful Preschool experience as they tread a new path to join the Main school seamlessly.

Greenwood High Jayanagar

When it comes to pre school selection, parents always want the best for their child to start their schooling journey. And Greenwood high preschool, Jayanagar is the best place to start the child’s academic journey.

We are dedicated to creating a stress-free atmosphere that is conducive to physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. Students are encouraged to learn through their own experience, and at their own pace. The Preschool environment at Greenwood High Jayanagar is joyful, purposeful, and engaging.

Our inquiry-based approach encourages children to be active participants in the learning process and to develop the skills required to explore their ideas, interests, and questions in a significant way. Our pedagogical philosophy is inspired by international practices in early years education.

Our dedicated team of teachers focus on creating a ‘safe space’ (physically and emotionally) for our youngest learners to spark their natural curiosity, nurture confidence, and develop positive attitudes toward school. Emphasizing a student-centered approach, teachers care for each child’s needs as they make discoveries and observations about the world around them.

For children to succeed and reach their full potential, all aspects of their development must be given attention. While it may be easy to default focusing on a child’s intellectual abilities during the early years, it is equally important for a child to develop skills such as emotional intelligence. Confidence, social ability, compassion, fine and gross motor coordination, and many other skills. Co-curricular activities are an integral part of school life at GWH Jayanagar. We do not view such activities as “extra-curricular;” they are integral to learning. These co-curricular activities are therefore built into the curriculum to ensure 360° learning and all-round development of our students.

Nestled in the heart of Jayanagar, our school is situated in a calm and peaceful location. Our well-ventilated spacious classrooms ensures that our children get the best schooling experience. Surrounded by greenery, our campus boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure like indoor-outdoor play area, sand pit, computer lab loaded with latest teaching aids like the Senses Panel, indoor activity room, library etc.

We at GWH Jayanagar deem it a matter of utmost importance and take pride in ensuring the safety and security measures at all times. Starting with the appointment of proper, verified, and trained staff, the school has 24hour security and a lady security for daytime along with CCTV surveillance for all the classrooms and common areas. We also have a qualified well-trained in-house nurse to ensure immediate care of our children.  Needless to add, stringent health and hygiene standards are practiced at all times and quality audit checks take place to ensure that the GWH seal of safety, security and hygiene is intact at all times.

Greenwood High JP Nagar

Welcome to Greenwood High Preschool,JP Nagar,  where we prioritize your child's holistic development through an integrated learning approach. Our teaching methodology and pedagogy incorporate the objectives, guiding principles, practices, and learning outcomes outlined in the National Curriculum Framework for the Foundational Stage. We believe in providing your child with a quality education that meets National Standards and is equipped with the best global practices.

At our institution, we specialize in providing personalized care and early learning opportunities for our individual students. We approach each child with the same level of care and attention as we would our own family members, and we strive to support parents in raising happy and successful future citizens of the world. Our aim is to equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to continue growing and learning as they progress through their academic journeys. We understand that a child’s early years are the foundation for their future development and provide a strong base for lifelong learning, including cognitive and social development. Our focus is on the critical developmental milestones, skills, and concepts children attain during this period, from social-emotional skills to numeracy, literacy, and critical thinking. 

In addition to preparing children for future academic success, we take pride in creating a learning atmosphere that makes your child enthusiastic about the education system. Our center offers activities like Yoga, Music, Dance, Art, Chess, and many more to enhance your child's pedagogical skills. Our skilled physical education and dance instructors organize frequent fitness and wellness sessions to enhance strength, flexibility, and choreography skills. Additionally, students receive regular art and music lessons to improve their creativity and proficiency in vocal talents and music theory.

We provide opportunities for your child to question, express, and discover their hidden talents. At Greenwood High Preschool, JP Nagar, we believe that the art of questioning, the art of expressing, and discovering one's hidden talents are essential components of a child's development.