The Uttarakhand government has partnered with prominent private school managements in the state to open schools for students without resources. The agreement, signed on Monday, involves school managements that currently serve limited sections of students in urban areas. Notable participants include Children's Academy Association, Asian Charitable Society, Trilingual Academy Singapore, and others. These private entities will establish day and residential schools across Uttarakhand, costing an estimated Rs680 crore, providing education and employment opportunities in various towns, including Dehradun, RishikeshHaridwarMussoorie, and others over the next two years. The targeted locations for these schools include Dehradun, RishikeshHaridwarMussoorieTehriNarendranagar, Srinagar, KashipurRudrapurHaldwaniNainitalRamnagar, and Bageshwar. The aim is to provide quality education and opportunities for students who may not have access to adequate resources.