Raising an Amazing Child:

Children are one of the greatest blessings, but raising compassionate, contented individuals is quite challenging as they possess unique traits and perspectives of the world. Little Elly acknowledges that these differences make them extraordinary.

The First Five Years of your Child’s Life

The early years of their life require utmost stimulation as this period involves the continuous evolution of a child’s curiosity. Little Elly’s goal is to empower each child to explore and thrive during these crucial years. We strongly promote customised programmes that enhance their emotional, intellectual and aesthetic abilities to contribute to the kid's mental and cognitive growth.

Inspiring Curiosity and Overall Development

In Little Elly's view, harnessing their natural curiosity during their early years has a profound impact on a child's holistic development. With the fusion of the Learning Style Theory and Multiple Intelligences Theory, we seamlessly integrate elements from both Montessori and Waldorf education.

In terms of fostering comprehensive child development, Little Elly’s curriculum is exceptional. To help each child reach their full potential, we remain committed to ongoing innovation and customisation of its curriculum to cater to their intrinsic qualities of curiosity, authenticity, awe, and happiness.

Our preschool network has expanded throughout India to foster holistic development. Little Elly has over 130 centres across India and has expanded internationally to Dubai (UAE), Kathmandu (Nepal), and Seattle (USA). Connect with us by visiting www.littleelly.com or by emailing enquiry@littleelly.com.

A world of possibilities: Beyond a preschool

The nuclear family era has resulted in many households with working couples or single parents in search of high-quality daycare services for their children. Thats where Elly Childcare comes in. Providing a combination of preschool, daycare, and crèche services to children aged 6 months, Elly Child Care nurtures young minds in the comfort of home, while simultaneously offering them opportunities to grow. Please visit https://www.ellychildcare.com

With two decades of experience, LETTER, a teacher training institute, provides comprehensive training that empowers aspirants to succeed. The LETTER programme is designed to enhance teachers abilities, making them successful and well-prepared educators.