The Tulipians Pre & Primary schools is a chain of preschools in Kolkata, India, and is a unit of the Verma Group Of Schools. It has international certifications & accreditations from organizations like IMC (USA), IMS (USA), and IBCCES (USA) . The school offers classes from Transition (playgroup) to Sr. kg in Preschool and Classes I to VII in the Primary school following the CBSE curriculum. The Founder Director Chairman of the school is Mr. Nirmal Verma, established Tulipians in 2013 with his passion, knowledge & expertise.His vision was to provide an inclusive environment primarily for Special Needs children to get normal exposure. Mr. Verma receives support in this endeavor from, his wife, Mrs. Rooppreet Verma, and a team of dedicated and qualified professional educators.

Tulipians Preschool utilizes modern teaching with technology-based e-learning to engage and educate children effectively. They also offer various activities and programs to foster a holistic development of their students. Special sessions called "winspiration" are designed for Special Needs Children. In addition to educating students, Tulipians also educate parents through a program called "TULIPIANS PRAYAS" to create awareness and prepare parents for their special needs children's educational journeys.

TULIPIANS have received recognition from respected brands like Education Today, Education World, and Brainfeed Magazine for their efforts in providing a well-rounded education. The school is also expanding and looking into franchising opportunities across India.

In the Tulipians inclusive environment, children with special needs feel confident & the neurotypical students feel responsible and love to share with their special friends.Mindfulness is a central aspect of Tulipians educational philosophy, empowering students with a love for education and values.