Founded in 1967, the Alpha Group of Institutions, under the capable management of the Alpha Educational Society, stands as a beacon of premier education in Chennai. Embarking on a mission to usher in a new era of educational excellence, the Alpha Group actively collaborates with experts and institutions worldwide to train a generation of world leaders who would Seek Excellence, Share Knowledge and Serve Humanity.

Dr. Mrs. Grace George, the Founder and Chairperson of the Alpha Group of Institutions, stands as a stalwart educationist with an unwavering commitment to the noble cause of education. Her leadership has not only sustained but elevated the legacy left by Shri. M.G. Thomas. In acknowledgment of her significant contributions to the education field, Dr. Mrs. Grace George was honoured with an Honorary Doctorate in Education in 1999 by Corner Stone University, Texas, Dallas.

Assuming the mantle of leadership at the Alpha Group, Mrs. Suja George, the Vice Chairperson, Alpha Group of Institutions, emerges as a dynamic leader endowed with a global vision for the institutions under her purview. Mrs. Suja George's leadership style is marked by a commitment to fostering an environment that prioritises the needs and growth of students. Her visionary approach guides the institution toward staying at the forefront of educational advancements. Her contributions have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the numerous awards and honours she has received. In 2018, Mrs. Suja George was honoured with the "Leading Icons in Education 2018 Award" by Education Today, recognising her impactful role in the educational landscape. 

The group has expanded its footprint to encompass eight institutions, each contributing to the overall ethos of academic excellence. The diverse range of institutions includes:

1. Alpha Mat. Hr. Sec. School, CIT Nagar - Established in 1967
2. Alpha Arts and Science College, Porur - Founded in 1996
3. Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sembakkam - Inaugurated in 2004
4. The Alpha College of Engineering, Thirumazhisai - Established in 2006
5. Alpha School, CBSE, CIT Nagar, Chennai - Commenced in 2013
6. Alpha School, CBSE, Porur, Chennai - Established in 2014
7. Alpha International School, Sembakkam - Founded in 2015

These institutions collectively promote application and outcome-based teaching-learning approaches, leveraging modern methodologies and cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall educational experience. Alpha's influence extends both regionally and internationally, emphasising the creation of a community dedicated to public purpose. The group's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equitable opportunities for learning sets it apart as a model for growth in the educational landscape.

The Schools

The Alpha Schools embrace a coeducational environment, adopting both the CBSE and International curricula along with their corresponding assessment patterns. These institutions are dedicated to tailoring their deliverables to meet the diverse needs of students, with a strong emphasis on providing value-based holistic education. The schools within the Alpha Group have garnered numerous awards and recognitions for their teaching pedagogy, innovative practices, integration of technology in the learning process, and their commitment to promoting a well-rounded curriculum. The recognition of educators further emphasises the significance of the learning atmosphere within Alpha institutions. 

The Colleges

Alpha Arts and Science College (AASC) is a private, unaided, co-educational arts and science institution approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu with permanent affiliation to the University of Madras and a Christian Minority Institution, which is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and re-accredited by NAAC and recognised as a study centre for ICSI. In addition to its academic credentials, AASC boasts excellent sports and co-curricular facilities. The college has consistently witnessed a commendable trend wherein its students have perpetually clinched distinguished ranks with the university.

Alpha College of Engineering (ACE), nestled in a picturesque landscape spanning 60 acres, is affiliated with Anna University and holds approval from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Established in 2006, ACE offers a comprehensive array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in both engineering and management disciplines.

The mantle of education at the Alpha Group persistently upholds the singular objective of providing comprehensive education to every child. This commitment is reflected in the incorporation of the best possible intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, and cultural learning, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching educational journey for all students within the Alpha community.