Montfort School, Nagpur situated 16 kilometres from Nagpur City made its humble origin in the year 2000 as a primary school with a strength of 100 students in three classrooms. Today, it has grown to a huge proportion with a strength of 3400 students and has emerged as a graceful centre of learning in coherence with our contemporary need at the centre point of our country.

The school curriculum is much focussed and multi-dimensional in designing students’ behavioural patterns and intellectual growth, looking forward to the best all-round development. Montfort effectively inculcates the virtues of life, inspiring students to have a spiritual vision of education and influence civic reuse and social responsibilities through value education, class assemblies and various club activities to sculpt our students into emotionally mature, exceedingly refined and distinct personalities. We firmly believe in the power of hands-on experience. Our teachers incorporate project-based learning into the curriculum, allowing students to tackle real-world problems, work in teams, and apply critical thinking skills Embracing the digital age, our school leverages technology to create an interactive learning environment. From interactive whiteboards and educational apps to virtual reality experiences, we ensure that technology is seamlessly integrated into our teaching methods, making learning more engaging and immersive.

Montfortian Education strives for the Holistic development of students, facilitating the assimilation of true knowledge with values of life, enabling the head to think critically, creatively and learn with positivity. Therefore, the School motto: “STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE” very well defines the efforts put forth by the management and teachers to create a truly welcoming and supportive environment for all students.

Despite our lasting impressions in the minds and hearts of everyone for the past 25 years, we can’t opt to relax on the laurels of our past and bask in its glory. The future beckons us to work even harder and embrace with renewed commitment and enthusiasm and move forward in full confidence to take up the task of building better humans and a better society through this forward mission of educating the young.