Ahead of the Learning Curve

The genesis of our journey dates back to 2005, fuelled by a steadfast commitment of Chairman Mr Jaipal Reddy and Managing Director Mrs Swathi Reddy under the auspices of Sri M Baga Reddy Educational Society: to create secure havens dedicated to imparting quality education. The mission was clear—to nurture children who would not only acquire academic excellence but also develop into individuals with well-rounded personalities. This vision was born out of the recognition that the world they would step into was evolving rapidly, with uncertain demands on the skills required. In response, our founding purpose was to equip students with the knowledge, resilience, and adaptability needed to navigate this ever-changing and dynamic global landscape.

Our inaugural branch took root in the burgeoning Madhapur area, welcoming fewer than 50 students. From this modest beginning, our school embarked on a remarkable journey of steady expansion, evolving to encompass four branches today, boasting an enrolment of around 4000 students and a dedicated staff of 400. 

In the year 2011, the Kukatpally campus emerged as a pivotal addition to our educational footprint, and in 2017, the Kokapet branch joined our family of institutions. Following closely in succession, the Vasanth Nagar branch was established. Each of these branches operates in harmony, adhering to the same overarching plan and functioning seamlessly in tandem with one another. This synchronized approach ensures a cohesive and standardized educational experience across all locations, underlining our commitment to delivering excellence consistently throughout our network of campuses. Despite this tremendous growth, our unwavering vision remains intact.

This exponential expansion has not diluted our commitment; if anything, it has fuelled our determination. We are more driven than ever before to uphold our promise of delivering the very best to every child entrusted to our care. Our growth is not just in numbers but is a testament to our enduring dedication to providing quality education and nurturing environments for the flourishing development of each student.

The Global Edge firmly believes that the strength of a school is built upon three essential pillars: the students, the teachers, and the parents. The school's logo symbolizes this connection, with parents and teachers represented as inner and outer swirls, while the central swirl embodies the student, who is always at the forefront of learning.

The amalgamation of international pedagogy, Bloom's taxonomy, and multiple intelligences in lesson plans creates a powerful educational foundation. Students exposed to such a holistic approach are not only academically proficient but also equipped with essential life skills. They develop critical thinking, cultural competence, and resilience—qualities that are crucial in a world characterized by constant change. 

The success of GES is further reflected in the consistent 100% CBSE results over the years, showcasing the exceptional performance of its students under the able guidance of committed staff. Over the last two years, the Kukatpally and Kokapet branches have reached another significant milestone with the upgradation to Senior Secondary Level, offering streams in Science, Math, Commerce, and Humanities.

The school integrates activities into daily learning, organizing interhouse competitions like Eloquent English Week, Bhasha Saptah, Science Spectrum, We the World – Social Studies week, and Math Mania to enhance students' skills, fostering a reading program to instill regular reading habits, leading to internal achievements and success in inter-school competitions, including Elocution and Science Projects recognized at national levels, while also excelling in Model United Nations conferences. Students are empowered through a plethora of workshops that are conducted right through the academic year.

There is an emphasis on inclusivity that not only promotes a sense of belonging but also underscores the belief that every student, regardless of their learning style or challenges, deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.

On the sports front, our teams have consistently performed well, winning championships and representing our school with pride. Furthermore, our students have actively participated in community service, initiating projects that have made a positive impact on the lives of others.

In the unfolding of the tumultuous year 2020, the world confronted the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, at Global Edge, we didn't merely confront these challenges; we embraced them as opportunities for innovation.

From June 2020 onward, we took a bold step into the realm of online education, collaborating with Codetantra for virtual classes and harnessing the power of Zoom for events and other essential requirements. In this digital transformation, our dedicated teachers emerged as true warriors, navigating the complexities of virtual education. 

At Global Edge School, our primary focus is our students, but we also place a strong emphasis on the professional and personal growth of our teachers. We are proud to ensure that every one of our educators has the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops. These include our in-house weeklong training program called INSETT, as well as external workshops organized by CBSE and other professional associations.

Our school's narrative is one of consistent growth, triumphant achievements, and unwavering resilience, driven by a commitment to placing students at the centre of our mission, supported by dedicated staff, diverse enriching activities, and a determination to overcome challenges. Looking ahead, our unshakeable resolve affirms that, in the ongoing journey of education and empowerment, the pursuit of excellence stands as a lasting hallmark of our school's identity.