KIIT World School, in partnership with BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital and GIFT NGO, recently organized a comprehensive Thalassaemia Awareness Campaign on its premises. Dr. Pawan K. Singh, a distinguished Haemato Oncologist, shared critical insights during a workshop, unraveling the intricacies of Thalassaemia and revealing a staggering statistic of 12,000 children born with the condition in India each year The event drew notable personalities such as Mr. Madan Chawla, Founder of GIFT, and Mr. RavinderKushwaha from Aap Beeti News. The campaign's focal point was the call to action by Dr. Singh, urging active community participation in disseminating awareness and undergoing screening to eradicate the disease.Acknowledging the collective responsibility in combating Thalassaemia, Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, the Principal of KIIT World School, expressed gratitude for the valuable insights shared. The initiative progressed to a practical phase with a screening camp, where students, parents, and Residents Welfare Associations actively engaged, demonstrating a strong commitment to early detection and disease prevention. The collaborative efforts of the school, hospital, NGO, dignitaries, and the community underscored the campaign's success in fostering awareness and collective action against Thalassaemia. This initiative serves as a commendable example of community-driven healthcare initiatives with a focus on education, prevention, and early intervention.

Source-Press Release