Navigating the Digital Wave: A Guide to Managing Screen Time in Kids Post-Pandemic

We've all been on the digital rollercoaster for the past two to three years. Screens have been our pals during the pandemic — helping us learn, connect, and chill. The story was true starting from students to the elderly. But now that things are settling down, how do we keep the screen time in check without making it overpower us?

Technology has blended into our lives so much that our minds just don’t know how to settle without phones. Imagine misplacing your phone or an online payment app not working while you are trying to pay for a cab, the mere thought of such things may make us check our phones.

Let's start by giving screens a high-five for being our study buddies and all. However, it is important to strike a balance. Think of it like creating a playlist for a road trip — organised and full of cool stuff. You won’t dump every song you like, your friend likes, or your mom or dad likes together when you are going on a solo trip. Then why do we sit and waste time scrolling through other's lives on social media? That makes sense, right?

First, set some screen rules. Maybe no screens during dinner or before hitting the hay. Create zones where screens are a no-go — like, imagine your study room being a screen-free sanctuary. Even if you are studying with a laptop, make sure to block all the messaging apps and other distracting sources.

Talk to your parents about it. Share your thoughts and hear what they have to say. It's like teamwork but with parents.

Quality beats quantity. Not all screen time is equal. There are cool apps and games out there that make learning fun. Explore together — think of it as a digital treasure hunt. Bonus: it's a great excuse to hang out with your family or friends.

Ever thought about a tech break day? Take a break from screens and see what happens. You might rediscover the joy of board games, outdoor adventures, or just chilling with a good book.

Lastly, be the captain of your screen ship. Show your siblings and friends that balance is the key. Lead by doing cool stuff without screens, like having a movie night under the stars or even having a relaxed walk outside without any devices.

It's all about finding the right balance so screens stay our buddies, not our bosses!