Holistic Education – The key to leading a successful life

Holistic education has now become a common term in the education scenario. But the question is, are we implementing it in its true sense?  A thing to ponder upon…..

The purpose of holistic education is not only to prepare students for academic success but also to enable them to face life challenges with a positive approach. We at Gitanjali Group of Schools emphasize, enforce, and execute the designed curriculum to achieve holistic development of our students. 

Creating an effective curriculum isn’t easy, but using the 21st Century Skills, the 6 C’s - Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity, Citizenship/Culture, and Character/Compassion as our backbone, we ensure that whatever we create will help to promote the overall well-being of our students. To learn and utilize knowledge effectively, we expose the students to unique learning scenarios and real-world problems. We have adopted De Bono's Six Thinking Hats technique, a powerful technique to improve the quality of decision-making skills in students. Each thinking style is represented by a different coloured hat: Blue Hat - organization and planning, Green Hat - creative thinking, Red Hat - feelings and instincts, Yellow Hat - benefits and values, Black Hat - risk assessment, and White Hat - information gathering. These thinking hats encourage students to be fully involved in the decision-making process.  

To prepare the students for an uncertain future, we constantly encourage them to explore possibilities, devise creative solutions to problems, consider and appreciate others' points of view, critically evaluate situations, and make reasonable judgments. Graphic organizers, cooperative learning, problem-based learning, and asking open-ended and probing questions are a few strategies we have employed in our classrooms to achieve these skills.

At Gitanjali, we consider school assemblies as a center for learning and instilling values and life skills in our students. The four school houses conduct the weekly assembly with inspirational talks and stories to impart life lessons beyond textbooks, shaping students into empathetic, compassionate, and socially aware individuals.

Entrepreneurship education is an integral part of our school curriculum. Financial quizzes, Skill Tank, and Elevator pitches are a few activities we conduct in our school that enable the students to think beyond and provide innovative and creative solutions to complex problems. We provide vocational training to the students through various Clubs. Our students are members of clubs like Community Service, Travel and Tourism, Health and Wellness, Coding, Photography, and Editing.

To accomplish our vision of holistic development, we train our teachers and motivate them to enhance their skills. The staff is kept up-to-date with the most effective and innovative methodologies in teaching. Apart from CPD training programs, our teachers attend several workshops and seminars conducted by various organizations and professionals. Teachers are given the liberty and flexibility to innovate and are encouraged to share best practices with our sister schools.

Chanakya has said “No one can defeat a powerful mind”. At the Gitanjali Group, we build powerful minds that will forge ahead and succeed in their chosen path.