Spurthy Global School started in the year 2012 has evolved to be recog­ nized as one of the best schools in Karnataka. Fondly known as SGS, the school has a robust infrastructure with the finest facilities.

Our Mission is to explore and bring out the hidden stars in children, enabling them to thrive and flourish to their full potential. We believe that all individuals are creative and to improve the quality of teach­ing, there is a need to develop creativity in teachers and learners.

Spurthy Global School aims to be the institution of choice for excellence in school education in Bangalore by providing world class education in a multi-cultural environment. We believe that school and parents need to work hand in hand to help each and every child bloom to his / her potential. The school works towards inculcating the core values of integrity, honesty and respect for others that would make each child a righteous human being. A competent team of educators works towards developing the curiosity of students and nurturing their inquisitiveness. The school supports and encour­ ages the teachers to come up with innovative teaching methodology. Spurthy Global School consistently works towards providing holistic development to each and every learner so that they emerge as responsible citizens of tomor­ row.

We aim to create a safe, nurturing yet challenging environment that is built on positive relationships; developing the whole student - emotionally, socially and academically. We care for and appreciate each of our students as the unique individuals that they  are, each with  distinct talents, interests and needs, and each with differing learning styles.

We provide an appealing and stimulating curriculum that is flexible and tailored to the needs of each and every student as we strive for high education­ al outcomes and personal bests for all of our students. Our innovative and trained teachers ensure our students grow in confidence and capabilities and develop the skills for the rapidly changing, 21st century living. Engaging learn­ ing programs that cater for individual differences and learning styles are devised and delivered by our skilled, talented and dedicated teachers. One-to-one attention and care are provided by our passionate teaching staff.

We pay special attention to the security of our students. Our 24x7 school security encompasses all measures taken to combat threats to school students and property in education environments .

We also ensure the sheltering of students from violence  and  bullying, as well  as  exposure  to harmful elements like drugs and gang activity. We  ensure   student   engagement   and  make learning enjoyable. We intend to educate our youth by offering our students a comprehen­ sive education from Montessori to Grade X.

We want our children to be 'Happy and Healthy' which is why we encourage our students to play variegated sports.

We have a strongly built online-school platform to ensure the Holistic development in our students during these unprecedented times. SGS is well equipped with technical facilities to offer both online and offiine schooling to all our students.

Spurthy Global School has also been awarded for the Holistic Education/Development of students and for incorporating Innovative Teaching methodologies.

We hope the efforts of Team SGS will serve as a stepping stone towards the  many  milestones we have to cover in pursuit of excellence.