Swami Chinmayanandaji, the great saint and visionary, an enlightened teacher and leading interpreter of Advaita Vedanta says “Invest in your child, not on your child.”The devotees of Chinmaya Mission Tarapur centre followed Swamiji's wise words and  started Chinmaya Vidyalaya in 1995. Though the beginning was very humble it became a full fledged senior secondary educational institution in a very short span. Our Mission is “To Mould Children Into Productive and Responsible Global Citizens With Strong Character Through Holistic Education Enriched By The Knowledge Of Indian Culture, A Feeling Of Patriotism And Universal Outlook.” It is exactly the commitment of the trained and experienced Vidyalaya faculty under the guidance of the dedicated and efficient Principal nominated by CCMT with the determination to pursue the work with diligence, dedication and persistence for the noble cause are the stepping stones to success.We have formed various clubs to conduct interesting activities.The Vidalaya always tries to churn out the best in the students to mould them into fine human beings.

Our Pre-school

Education holds a prime portion in an individual’s life. Children learn the maximum during the initial years. In the first year language development, gross and fine motor muscle development, creativity, imagination and classifying skills are trained. In the second year manipulative and communication skills are nurtured.

The 12 main areas of learning included in this curriculum are:

  1. 1. Stories
  2. 2. Songs
  3. 3. Nature Walks
  4. 4. Brain Gym
  5. 5. Games
  6. 6. Creative Skills
  7. 7. Informal Classroom
  8. 8. Multiple Intelligence
  9. 9. Casual Wear
  10. 10. Value Education
  11. 11.Parent Training
  12. 12.Teachers and Teaching Material.

The school has introduced Smart Classes to make the learning process more effective and interactive.Parents play a vital role in the smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya. We organize various activities for the parents too. The school arranges workshop and orientation programmes for the parents by eminent personalities of various fields and enables them to deal with various problems related to child care. 

A learning teacher is always better than the learned one. To be a good teacher, one needs to be a student from time to time. In order to keep the teachers abreast with the latest trend in teaching and to develop competency in education planning processes, the teachers are being trained and retrained. The Vidyalaya organizes School Teachers In-service Training (STIT) session for teachers every month to improve their professional knowledge.