JBCN Education, a pioneering organisation in education, has been breaking the norms for over two decades by going beyond education to EduCreation. JBCN Education is synonymous with embracing innovation and transformative education and, right from its inception, has embodied the essence of being true Changemakers. JBCN Education is a network of progressive international schools and has state-of-the-art campuses in Mumbai across Borivali, Parel, Oshiwara and Chembur. This Year marks the 20 years of JBCN and also lunch of the 5th JBCN International School in Mulund.

The unique EduCreative experiences at JBCN International Schools empower the learners to become the Changemakers of tomorrow and develop into responsible global citizens who actively lead positive and progressive change. The unique pedagogy and meaningful engagements at JBCN International Schools have consistently driven significant shifts and progress by providing access to advanced international education that integrates a rigorous academic curriculam with immersive global experiences.

JBCN Education- Key Highlights

a. University Placements

The IB Diploma Programme at JBCN International School focusses on enhancing learners' practical skills, like and also the launch of the 5th JBCN International School in problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making. It encourages them to be open to different cultures and perspectives. JBCN International School offers a well-structured IB Diploma Programme, which helps learners inculcate 21st-century skills to prepare them for university life & beyond. The learners from JBCN have received acceptance offers from many renowned universities in India and worldwide, known for their highly competitive acceptance rates, like Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Babson, John Hopkins, Ashoka University, SP Jain to name a few. Overall the learners have secured 2.5 MN USD scholarship for the second year in a row.

b. Individualised Plan

International Schools strives to give young Changemakers a strong foothold in this fast-paced and ever-changing world by focussing on the uniqueness of each learner. JSCN provide a healthy and holistic learning environment conducive to learning. The Individualised attention guides learners to tailor Meir subject choices o align with their goals and helps them Informed decisions about their university and career doces. The outstanding academic results of learners are a testimony to it.

c. Support with Career & University Choices

At JBCN International School, dedicated career counsellors empower learners by identifying their preferences and strengths and guiding them to get the best placements worldwide. Expert counsellors give personalised consultations and help the learners navigate their progress and overcome any challenges by cultivating positivity, resilience and confidence in them. They also assist learners in campus selection, financial planning, goal setting, recommendation letter writing, and college interview preparation and provide opportunities for university visits and exchange programmes.

d. Expert Faculty

JBCN's highly skilled and experienced IB facilitators possess a deep understanding of the programme's requirements. With extensive experience and ongoing professional development opportunities, faculty members stay updated with the latest developments in the field of education. They encourage learners to reflect on their learning and identify courses of action for problems faced. The learners at JBCN International School develop a growth mindset as the facilitators focus on the process, knowledge, and effort rather than the outcome. Beyond test results, providing life skills-based education at a young age helps learners prepare for the real world.

e. Innovative Learning Spaces And State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

JBCN International School has thoughtfully designed, flexible, innovative, and multi-functional learning spaces that nurture and foster learning opportunities for the holistic development of the learners. With state-of-the-art Infrastructure, JBCN creative learning spaces have been specially designed to support collaboration, integrate technology, improve student comfort, and support active learning. Each child is unique, and the spaces cater to each learning style to develop a lifelong love for learning.

With a focus on transformative learning experiences, JBCN Education aims to develop well-balanced learners and Changemakers of tomorrow. Due to the emphasis on holistic development encompassing personal growth, community service, experiential learning and intercultural understanding JBCN learners get an edge early in life. Beyond test resul providing life skills-based education at a young age helps prepare for the real world.