New Baldwin Group of Institution (NBGI) is one of the reputed and accolade schools vested in thethods. As this india, Bengaluru An abode of scholarly education is all set to upgrade the students with nuance cuptional progresses. As this is an Era of endless dimensions, the school aims at alluding academics with varied activities for the exceptional progress. On entering the threshold of NBGI one can sense the devouring standard of studies imbibed for nuturing the creatives. The classroom session are buzzled with number of integrated topic, enhancing the cognitive  skills of learners. Besides, curriculum is  strengthened by conducting Club Activities which in turn promotes the skill of critical thinking.

Being a boarding institution, our school follows the notion of Modern-Gurukul System tic approach towards traditions. On a prime note, the day of a Hostel student starts with an auspicious prayer for having an optimistic ae schoch towards the divine Boarders life is a treasure filled one, where they have a special time table of the sports they love after the school hours. NBGI provides different curriculums - CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE. We also have PUC science, commerce and AS and A Level. We have both day and boarding schools with safe and secure residential facilities.

We have 9 branches, 4 PU colleges and 2 Degree colleges at different locations of Bengaluru City-

  • ►New Baldwin International Residential School PU College and Degree, Mandur
  • New Baldwin International School, PU College and Degree Banaswadi
  • New Baldwin International School, TC Palya
  • New Baldwin International Residential School and PU College, Anekal
  • New Baldwin International School, Anekal Town
  • New Baldwin International School and PU College, Attibele
  • New Baldwin International School, Chandapura
  • New Baldwin International School, HSR Layout
  • New Baldwin International School, Sarjapura

Early years of education in New Baldwin gives a remarkable growth by mainly focusing on foundational concepts. Children in early years are highly sensitive so the school just highlight on numeracy, literacy and social emotional skills of the child. Overall, it gives a frame work for the learner to explore, invent and express to have positive future ahead.

Junior School resided in the nest of New Baldwin home. The management has strictly prescribed a delicate-cum-effective curriculum method for the tiny tots which in turn gives rise to connect, collaborate and create. On a compulsory note, each topic taught in the classroom session is based on colorful activity for the better understanding.

High School in redentive stage artbeat of New Baldwin as the children are in the crucial-cum cognitive stage of life. The curriculum of CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE is based on  wide range of topics witte in depth knowledge as per the prescribed board pattern. The children in high school are upgraded according to the need of societal standard and they are naturally prepared for the different phase of life. New Baldwin make sure to give cent percent result and sets a goal with long-term objective.

Sports being the significant part of child's life, New Baldwin sets a jersey of choice to each and every child to actively participate in the sports. School offers swimming, cricket, football, skating, horse riding, archery, karate, volley ball, basketball, throw ball, badminton and Kabaddi. Our students have bagged the trophies at state level and national level. New Baldwin has certified and skilled coaches in the respective sport. Sports here is based on five 'S' that is Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit. It helps the child to find the best sport at his/her quest.

Unique Special Program- NBGI offers an array beyond the classroom activity by having varied clubs called as, Englitia, Mental Math, Discovery Science, Sociology and life skill. Students at NBIS develop a passion to gain knowledge beyond Zenith by having Unique special programs(USP) in which the learners are pocketed with positive attitude of life.

Living in the 21ST span of generation, it is quite challenging to step with digital concept but having the expertise and qualified faculties on toes, NBIS is glad to take the learners to the need of fellowship level. Also, proud to reveal about the coordinating and cooperating parents of NBIS. The parents encourage the school in all sorts of activity conducted for the benefit of the child which in turn serves as booster. In fact, they give us the feedback about the session and its influence on student's growth.

The powerful educators group of Baldwin is led by- Dr. T Venugopal- Founder Chairman, Mrs Sowbhagyavathi Venugopal-Finance Director, Mrs Hamsa Venugopal- Managing Director and other board of Directors. The mighty team ensures the outcome of victory.