P.N National Public School has distinguished itself as the best CBSE school in Gorakhpur and has become a beacon of educational excellence in the landscape of CBSE schools through its unparalleled commitment to fostering the holistic development of our students. At the heart of P.N National Public School's success lies its robust STEM program, offering practical experiences along with Academic learning through its robotic lab. With the help of this program, students are thrust into the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, equipped to face the challenges of the future. We seek to develop, encourage, and nurture each student's potential, providing a well-rounded education.

PN National Public School also places great emphasis on extracurricular activities in addition to academics. The school provides a wide range of learning opportunities, such as sports competitions, cultural activities, public speaking, annual fest, etc., that support students' physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We encourage our students to participate in competitions such as Taekwondo, Chess, Skating, etc., to hone their skills.

We also stand out as a premier institution, not just for its academic curriculum but also for its proactive approach to competitive exam preparation. The faculty at P.N National Public School goes beyond the regular curriculum to provide specialized coaching tailored to the specific requirements of competitive exams and has created specific modules for exam preparation. The institution gives access to abundant resources, such as study guides, mock tests, and professional advice to prepare students for success in this evolving world.

In conclusion, the innovative STEM program at P.N National Public School is a pathway to a future where students will advance from academic competence to becoming scientific and technological innovators. Our commitment to supporting innova testament to our vision of producing a generation of feble and significant contributors to the fet perfields of science and technology. We not only educate but also empower students' potential and will continue to inspire and shape the future thinkers of tomorrow.