As Santa’s reindeers drew closer, KIIT World School, Delhi hosted reflective virtual interactions with international Partner Schools, notably in Poland and South Korea. The student-led, peer-to-peer interactions “A Wish for the World” was organized to build a wish-list for people across the world in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Students connected with their counterparts at Władysław Grabski School of Economics, Tourism and Hotel, Poland and Hogok Middle School, South Korea to discuss global issues like family displacement due to the Israel-Hamas war and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the growing importance of mental well-being, the need to reduce food wastage and even, being kind towards animals.  During the peer-to-peer interactions, students ideated about their hopes, dreams and aspirations for 2024 based on gripping images related to climate change, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and technology such as AI and robotics. The profound impact from the wishes was balanced with Christmas games and companionship that created bonds in the true spirit of Christmas. 

source-Press Release