The Department of School Education and Literacy in Jharkhand has launched a unique initiative called 'Prayas - Siti bajao, school bulao' (Blow whistle, call students to school) to bring back students who have been skipping classes for over a month. In one government school, the program 'Siti bajao, Upsthithi badao' (Blow whistle, increase attendance) was implemented successfully, where the sound of a whistle prompted absent students to return. Due to the positive response, the program will be extended to all government schools in the state. Students are divided into groups, and leaders use whistles to alert them to attend classes. The initiative includes uploading pictures of students blowing whistles on social media with the hashtag #seetibajao. The program aims to target students who have continuously skipped classes for about a month. The innovative approach has reportedly motivated even dropout students to attend classes, showcasing the success of the campaign. The school has a history of implementing creative ideas to encourage learning, such as the 'Anda challenge' promoting physical and mental strength among students