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Education Stalwarts 2022 | Ms. Samiksha Panwar, Chairperson of Bright Scholar Sr. Sec. School, Sonepat | Leaders in Education

Women entrepreneurs of today who are chartering unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly, proceed with gumption and passionate enthusiasm to change the world around them, make a difference with their ideas, and seek solutions that have never been sought.

Showcasing a vibrant personality, Ms. Samiksha Panwar (B.Tec,M.A, M.Ed), the Chairperson of Bright Scholar Sr. Sec. School, Sonepat, reflects an image of a woman entrepreneur who is breaking stereotypes. She has been continuously working towards enriching the learning experience of the students and devising methods of successful transformation from one level to another keeping in mind the demands of the changing and upcoming industries.

As a Progressive Director, she is certainly the one who weaves a world class educational ecosystem despite the innumerable challenges and constraints, and this has been proved time and again by the young and dynamic leader. Bright Scholar Sr. Sec. School believes in its endeavour for excellence by fostering and exfoliating each individual’s potential and providing opportunities for the successful learning and overall growth.

The institution’s vision is that every child is an individual with tremendous talents and if they are given the right environment and direction, they will flourish rationally and holistically beyond their imagination. As it is rightly said by Swami Vivekananda, “Education is the manifestation of perfection that is already in man.” With the same belief, under the guidance of the young director, everyday thousands of minds are inspired and educated. She is indeed a true personification of leadership as she believes that perseverance and abiding faiths are indispensable for attainment of excellence. She considers it her constant endeavour to spur the students on to the path of independent thinking and chisel their personality with reined strokes of better attention, care and sense of belonging.

To the pride of the institute, the compassionate Director was accorded with the certificate of achievement for top city wise CBSE School ranked No. 1 in Sonipat for its exemplary contribution to the education field. The school has also been ranked as one of the top schools of India ranking- 2021 for Digital Learning. The learning ambience of any educational ecosystem is a foundation and a predominant facet which essentially drives the learning outcomes at large. A big breakthrough came for the school as it entered into futuristic learning on a digital platform and it was felicitated with the Acharya Devo Bhava award 2021 by Rishihood University.

The dynamic and enterprising young leader with a global vision for her institution, is highly inspired by her mentor Brigadier O P Chaudhary, VSM (Former vice chancellor, MD University Rohtak and former Chairman, HBSE Bhiwani) who has been guiding her through these years of growth and expansion and the school is now confidently poised to claim attention and respect as a leading education hub of the district equipped as it is, with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and staffed by the finest teaching faculty.

“I am glad to record that this extended Bright Scholar family is happily knit together by mutual harmony and happiness”, says Ms. Samiksha. She adds, “Excellence is not just achieving the prescribed goal but going beyond that. We excel when we achieve our full potential and go a step further. We at Bright Scholar are working towards moving further i.e. marching towards the impossible.

To sum it all up, the institution is aligned to the NEP objectives and it works towards empowering the students to respond to real life situations in a positive and responsible way.

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