Stalwarts 2022

Education Stalwarts 2022 | Mr. Sarvesh Goel, GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow | Leaders in Education

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

While running an educational institution, one always has to look and think for the society at large. We are working with the people, for the people and as an individual, I promote inclusion of everybody in the society and this is just not limited to the boundaries of school, rather our school infrastructure is open for use for the larger benefit of the society.

I am a leader only if I can change the perspectives of people, their way of life and can help them in unleashing their potential, so they can in turn guide others. In the process, I delegate work, trust my people and allow them to take their own decisions, which at times go wrong; but as long as it doesn’t have adverse effects, they are encouraged to make their choices. Sharing responsibility builds confidence in people and they learn from their mistakes.

My team looks up to me as a visionary; one who thinks much ahead of time and has a back plan for everything, a leader who is prepared for all challenges and leads from front. My team often gets motivated by my out-of-the-box thinking and my receptivity to new ideas and thoughts. I believe that as a leader, I have entrusted faith in my team for being there for them always. Also, as a mentor, I allow everyone in my team to take ownership and accountability of their work which leads to their greater involvement in work.

We already have a well-placed technology integrated learning infrastructure in school, thus, when the pandemic struck, our transition time from offline to online mode was minimal. As our entire team is technologically advanced, they handled online teaching very effectively. Efficient faculty backed by a comprehensive School ERP System (School Portal), ensured hassle free education to students during the lockdown.

We used different platforms for blended learning as well as group activities. The screen time was kept limited, only where interaction was important, and relied more on project work which did not require many resources from outside. The teacher-parent communication was strengthened to remove ambiguity and apprehensions, and their concerns were well answered to create a healthy environment. Regular follow-ups did not let the attention of students deter from academics.

When we speak of a brand, we speak of a certain reputation attached with it. One man alone cannot make the reputation, rather the concerted efforts of the people associated with that brand build the name, and hence the role of the team is imperative. Every team member should be aware of the vision the management carries, and must work in complete adherence towards its attainment. The actions of the team shape and strengthen the brand.

I personally do not believe in the notion that ‘Teachers are born and not created’. I feel, with the right environment, knowledge and training, good teachers can be created. For them to excel in their field, they should have faith in their abilities and belief in the ideology of their leader. They should be provided with a congenial work environment and should get due respect for their efforts.

Also, teachers must get enough liberty and opportunities to showcase their creativity to give better results. If the teacher is happy at her job, it will reflect in her performance and eventually in the students’ development.

It is difficult to tell to what extent I have inspired my team, but I can only say that my team looks up to me as their guardian who would safeguard their interests, one who would guide them and lift up their spirits when conditions are unfavourable.

The COVID period was a testing time, we all faced financial crisis, but our school never made any pay cuts, neither any staff member was laid off. We took care of our entire staff, while one was not well, or in the hospital, and their family members were also looked after.

During the lockdown, when my team was working from home, we reached out to them personally and sent gifts on Teacher’s Day. Apart from this, through video conferencing and Zoom meetings, contact was maintained with everyone to instill hope, positivity and trust in them that their organization will always support them, even in distress. The entire team works like a family during any crisis.

As a leader, I have always set high goals to achieve. My dreams become my vision, which may appear unachievable or unrealistic in the beginning, but with focus, determination and goal oriented unidirectional efforts, we always achieve the unattainable. Achieving tasks which initially sound difficult, build a new level of confidence in the team. They start believing in the goals and mission of the organization, that we always accomplish what we decide.

Many of the team members self-evolve in the process and start relying more on their caliber and learn how to work under duress. Whatever the circumstances, we never them dampen our spirits and that is how we rise every time even in difficult times. Education is the strongest tool to bring any change. Providing education is the noblest profession. An educator touches the lives of thousands in his lifetime by giving the right education in the right direction. Teaching is not instructional, but is about how you demonstrate things before students through your conduct and example. Be a role model for them as they imbibe life values from you. You are their guide and mentor, and when you keep these things in mind, you become a true leader.

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